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Welcome to Beaconville Wiki, the true encyclopedia for all things Beaconville related. This service will tell you all about the Beaconville Faction, including its Villagers, Locations, Entities and a whole bunch of other stuff. Before you start your journey editing and researching on the wiki, make sure you see the Rules and the Staff.
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What is Beaconville?
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Beaconville is a Minecraft faction administrated by Luigibonus on the ItsJerryAndHarry's Peaceful Survival server. The faction focuses on a friendly environment and advancing using Nether Wart and Beacons. This faction was originally known as Pokécrafters.

Before Pokécrafters, Beaconville was two seperate factions: Axew was created (run by Michael) and then a day later, Luigibonus was created by Luigibonus. Eventually Axew was disbanded and the factions moved, due to users building on and griefing their land.

Eventually the faction was griefed again and moved to an amazing mountainous landscape.

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Wiki ActivityEdit

Welcome to Beaconville Wiki! We welcome editors of all skill levels to help us put together a guide to the Beaconville Minecraft faction. Come join us on's Peaceful Survival!

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